Coffee Table Book

The Economic Times Best Tech Brands Coffee Table Book 2022 will tell the stories of companies that have made a reputation for themselves and their organisations by pioneering new concepts. This list aims to honour and recognise organisations that have contributed to the growth of India’s technology sector through strategy and execution. This effort will bring together industry leaders from a variety of fields to talk and exchange ideas on how to take the sector to the next level.

Research Methodology

With the help of our “Knowledge Partner”, the brands will be shortlisted by the relevant Evaluation Criteria. With the help of our “Research Partner”, a detailed survey will be conducted on shortlisting the best tech brands, which will act as a voice for the Indian consumer and aid in understanding their opinions on best brands in India.

Selection Criteria:

  • The company should have an operating presence in India for at least 3 years.
  • The company should have a registered office and customer base in India.
  • The company should be providing technology for enterprise.
  • For large enterprises, the annual turnover should be more than 500 Crore, for medium >250 Cr and for small 250- 100 Cr.
  • Annual turnover for startups and emerging brands (0-6 years) should be minimum 50 Cr.
  • Should have played a pivotal role in development and enhancement of its reputation in the industry, by providing holistic products and/or exceptional customer service and other essential a as covered under Selection Criteria.
  • They should have a public profile (financials should be publicly available).
  • They should have client base in at least 2 regions of India.
  • Key elements to be considered includes overall market share, workplace culture, business ethics, CSR, degree of innovation, extent of expansion into national and international markets most importantly should have achieve excellence.
  • Any other notable achievements (awards/accolades/member of notable industry associations)