The Economic Times Best Tech Brands 2022

Information technology (IT) has become an integral element of everyone’s daily life in the twenty-first century. It embraces and includes all technological, social, and cultural aspects that point to a bright future for humanity. The 21st century has been defined as the century of information, technological advancement and application, which acts as a change agent in various facets of business and society.

This sector, as a knowledge-based enterprise, has enormous potential to stimulate economic growth, boost productivity in all sectors of the economy, and facilitate effective governance. It improves information availability, protects consumers, offers access to government services, improves skill creation and training, improves health-care delivery, and encourages transparency.

The Culmination of Successful Leaders Stories in an all-encompassing Coffee Table Book

The Economic Times Best Tech Brands Coffee Table Book 2022 will tell the stories of companies that have made a reputation for themselves and their organisations by pioneering new concepts. This list aims to honour and recognise organisations that have contributed to the growth of India’s technology sector through strategy and execution. This effort will bring together industry leaders from a variety of fields to talk and exchange ideas on how to take the sector to the next level.