The Best Tech Brand

On December 17, 2015

Holiday Inn, New Delhi - International Airport

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The Economic Times Tech Brands 2015

Today’s B2B consumers no longer rely on the traditional marketing media to learn about the latest tech products or services in the market. In addition to the data shared by vendors, they are inundated with information from social media, online sources and peer feedback, which influences their decision to partner with a particular vendor.

Given the multitude of options that currently abound, brand managers have to work harder to make the products stand out, and build enduring brand loyalty. The Economic Times has always been in the forefront when it comes to facilitating corporate houses build their brands by giving them a clear understanding of what their target audience expects and how they can match those expectations appropriately, whether it is for B2B customers or B2C end users.

We realise that creating a brand identity can be complicated, especially for evolving brands. However, there are lessons to be learnt by observing the leading brands in the technology field.

The Economic Times Tech Brands 2015 is an initiative to recognise the best hardware, software and service providing companies in the country and the USP that defines the leaders in the B2B technology space. The Summit is based on a survey conducted by MRSS and The Economic Times across 268 tech brands by taking feedback from almost 2500 people across eight selected cities, with an objective to obtain an innate understanding about consumer preferences, and the reasons that prompt channel partners to choose specific brands over others.

The results of the survey will be revealed at a glittering ceremony, which will see the participation of leading dignitaries from the technology industry. A magnificent coffee table book will also be launched at the event. The Summit will also see some leading names from the tech domain discuss on pertinent branding topics, including ways to create a brand with a global footprint and build credibility in a competitive marketplace.