Smita Chaturvedi

Interim Principal, Scindia School, Fort Gwalior

Ms Smita Chaturvedi, Interim Principal at the Scindia School, Fort Gwalior; has a Master’s degree in English and Education. She has successfully completed a Nottingham University course in Educational Leadership and Management. She is a teaching professional with 34 years of experience in both CBSE and ICSE academic curriculum models, with 18 years of administration experience. Prior to becoming the first lady principal of a legacy institute like The Scindia School, she was heading a Delhi Public School. She spent a long innings at the Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer where she contributed commendably in the areas of academics, pastoral care, co-curricular and teachers’ enrichment programmes. In all her previous assignments, she has efficiently managed the stakeholders' expectations and relationships. Ms Chaturvedi has the expertise in dealing with students. Having worked with eminent theatre directors like Ms Joy Michael and Ms Salome Roy Kapoor, she has been actively involved in promoting theatre. She was associated with the Trinity College of London for over a decade. Furthermore, she comes from a place of intrinsic motivation, constantly attempting to serve the community of people with whom she works by contextualising methodologies, curriculum development, and workshops. She believes that schools are more than just books and teachers, but rather a myriad of opportunities to bring about a positive change. Taking this into account, she has always stepped forward to bring creativity and dynamism into the educational cycle.