Radhika Bajoria

Founder - Radically Yours

She recently started an initiative under her venture, Radically Yours, which is called WIPE (women in private equity and enterprise) that aims to WIPE OUT THE NORM which states only men can lead at the top.

We are changing the narrative by sharing first hand stories from our conversations with senior women in investing and entrepreneurship who made it to the top, no matter what. I believe that biases can only be addressed and women can look upto other women as role models only when stories are shared and people know that there are just so many successful women out there!

More so, the problem is not of having lesser women in industries, the bigger problem is of not having enough visibility for so many women who are building great businesses and their careers.

We are fostering women entrepreneurship with wipe and also helping aspiring entrepreneurs build as we help them with funding, recruitment and mentoring support through our community app (which is in beta currently).

Past few years achievements:

  • Youngest in the country to be awarded as the ‘LinkedIn Top Voices, Next Gen 2021’ – a recognition by LinkedIn for India’s top 20 content creators and influencers
  • Awarded as one of the ‘top 25 most influential women leaders of Mumbai in 2021’ by World Women Leaders Congress
  • Invited to speak at a TEDx event at the age of 21