Keziah Korah

Founder & CEO, Lynkk

Keziah Korah currently runs a startup that aims to mitigate toxic work and client culture in India. She was born and brought up in Bangalore and did her undergrad in Economics from the US. During this time she always knew she had flair for entrepreneurship.!

How it all started?

Keziah had initially planned to take over her family business once she returned from the US. But fortunately for Keziah, that didn’t work out well. She couldn’t handle not being given a voice, despite her previous successes. She had her ideas, her visions, and her goals. Simultaneously, Keziah was working part-time as Linkedin Marketer for a family friend and that was going surprisingly well. With her help, Keziah realized this could be a potential business and she found herself busy with a handful of clients. Suddenly she was the Linkedin expert that everyone was seeking out. To start a business was always in her mind. But this unplanned course of events made her decide what to do; A company that helps individuals and businesses increase their growth via LinkedIn. But it didn’t stop here. She wanted to eliminate the toxicity she found while working in this field.