Kamal Sehmbi

Head - Marketing, MessageBird India

A passionate Marketing Leader with over 22 years of rich experience in successfully building and driving Integrated Marketing strategies for leading Global organizations. Currently she is the Head of Marketing for MessageBird India. Prior to MessageBird Kamal has worked with Microsoft and Uipath in various Marketing avatars across the B2B and B2C landscape. She believes in the ‘Art’ and ‘Science’ of marketing, wherein creativity and building brand perception is as important as executing research and ROI driven campaigns. In her own words “Marketing can create the most delightful and memorable moments for brands, yet can be disruptive. Impactful experiences are always the result of well-defined goals along with knowing the pulse of the brand and understanding the customers who consume it. Powerful marketing is often best communicated via simple storytelling, because humans are foundationally simple by nature, but complex by society”.

Kamal proudly calls herself as the ‘Evolving Learner’ as the landscape of marketing adapts to the era of Digital Transformation and the rise of Start Ups, new brands and new trends. The one thing she is passionate about is how we contribute to Environmental Sustainability efforts as conscious brands.