Dr V Sashi Kumar

Founder, Phoenix Medical Systems and Inventor of Arise standing wheelchair

V. Sashi Kumar is the founder and managing director of Phoenix Medical Systems Private Limited. Under his stewardship, the company, started with minimal investment in 1989, became the leading biomedical manufacturer in India. The first product from Phoenix was a sophisticated neonatal incubator that Sashi Kumar developed. Through Phoenix, Sashi Kumar led the development of more equipment used in providing care for infants.

Sashi Kumar, with the problem-solving approach of the engineer, identified the technological requirements of neonatologists. He collaborated with doctors, who named the devices that were needed to treat premature and sick babies in India. Radiant warmers, resuscitation devices, phototherapy units and respiratory support units were soon manufactured by Phoenix. The product range has now grown to also include maternal care products and assistive devices like Smartcane, refreshable braille readers and standing wheelchair. Phoenix is continuously working on many social initiatives in line with the sustainable development goals.

The company’s R&D facility is the hub of the development work at Phoenix. This facility is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Government of India. Phoenix Medical Systems has also entered into a host of partnerships to develop products. These partnerships are with organizations that are renowned internationally for their technological leadership: IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, D-Rev (Stanford University), Embrace Innovations, Medicine Mondiale, Windmill Health.

Phoenix products enjoy CE (Europe) certification. Phoenix products are at primary and community health care centres, district hospitals and government medical college and research institutions across India and in 50 other countries.

Sashi Kumar’s enterprise, innovation and social contributions have gained wide recognition. In 2017, Phoenix was awarded with the TIME MSME Innovator of the year.