Dr Angela Murze

Sr Director & Head, Cloud Innovation Centre, India

Well known in the IT industry with an innate understanding of how the IT market is evolving Angela has more than 25 years of Excellence driven Delivery experience which she is very passionate and takes pride in.

From complex Programs to transformations, she has held senior leadership positions leading various teams across India, Singapore, US and UK in Sitel, EDS, Mphasis and IBM before

Known for calling a spade a spade, Angela has been able to drive desired results internally and externally with exceptional results.

Her philosophy has been- its okay to be unpopular but be human and leadership is about having everyone on board.

A certified leadership & life coach she has mentored and coached people across the globe who have found her very approachable and fair no matter who you are.

Back in the days she walked away as winner of the all-round student of the year in both her Alma Maters school and college.

Angela holds a doctoral degree in Public Administration from Nagpur University.