Dolly Jain


If someone has turned saree draping into an art form, visualising and executing hundreds of ways to wear it, it is none other than Dolly Jain. Her repertoire of styles, drapes and techniques which she comes up with and executes so flawlessly are indeed spectacular to say the least.

She has worked her way into many an award book and some of her notable achievements include draping a saree in 125 ways, which got her into the Limca book of records, draping in 225 styles which put her in the Asia book of awards. She also holds the world record for draping a saree in 18.5 seconds!

While the saree has been on the world map, it is Dolly Jain who, with magic in her fingers, has made it into a fashion statement inventing drape after drape and style after style.

Dolly Jain has a clientele which swears by her and includes industrialists, celebrities and page 3 icons as well brides looking to make their wedding day the most memorable one of their lives!

She has been recognised within her community as a woman achiever and won the Jain Ratna Award as well as the Pride of Jain Society. The wedding industry appreciates and validates her contribution and she has also won the Wedding sutra beauty award!

Dolly is arguably the uncrowned queen of saree draping not just in india but world over and is would be fair to say that she is truly 6 yards ahead of her time.