Dinesh Menon

Chief Marketing Officer, State Bank of India (SBI)

A brand builder with experience in consumer marketing across FMCG, IT, financial services, among others, Dinesh is a dyed in the wool marketer. Having worked across different customer segments and product categories in the days of conventional and now in new age marketing, Dinesh has witnessed how large brands have fallen while some others have reinvented from time to time to stay relevant. He believes that while a brand has to keep redefining it’s strategy, its core or the ‘purpose’, as it were, should not change much.  As the first ever CMO of SBI, Dinesh has been responsible for injecting freshness into the legacy brand with  a contemporary brand identity, a whole new look and feel of its advertising and adopting digital marketing in a significant way to increase brand engagement and generate leads. His current mission at SBI is to try and get the brand resonate with the youth of this country through the YONO – India’s only comprehensive digital platform that offers banking, financial services and lifestyle services. While digital is forcing brands to sit up and take notice and of course adopt it, he believes that brands not adopting digitisation completely will find it difficult to be profitable and /or survive.

Dinesh is an avid traveller, adventure lover and a music aficionado. He also loves to write and sees himself doing work in the area of brand content in the near future. He is an Alumni of IIM B and Mumbai University …….. and an eternal student of the classroom called Life.