Benaifer Palsetia

Head HRRM and HR COO, DBS Bank

Strategic and seasoned Human Resource Partner and Professional with in-depth knowledge and experience in entire spectrum of HR functions and dynamism to adapt with changing business trends.

➢ STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT: Providing complete HR solutions and market landscape to Global Organizational Heads and HR Business Partners for further development of business. Partnered with Board of Directors to bring Senior Management Leadership onboard and setup Management committee for the organization.
➢ Global & Matrix Working Environment Exposure: Worked for and across various APAC, US and European regions on Cultural alignment, Global initiative and Leadership roles.
➢ TALENT DEVELOPMENT PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT CAREER PROGRESSIONS & SUCCESSION PLANNING: Collaboratively designed, developed and executed: highbred Performance Management Systems, Succession planning using the Track-N-Grow Model. Retention Frame work for critical and important roles.
➢ BUSINESS & PEOPLE INTEGRATION: People integration with a new look to entire people agenda in getting people ready for business continuation and creating a culture of ownership and belongingness.
➢ COMPENSATION & BENEFITS: End to end design and implementation from industry benchmarking, compensation frameworks, budget allocation and cost benefit analysis.
➢ CSR: Promoting and creating awareness about the larger community needs and facilitating the organization to fulfil its social responsibility as noble corporate citizens along employee involvement agenda. Launched various campaigns for women empowerment and education with the objective of creating & nurturing value of independence and confidence in the socially & economically deprived women in partnership of NGO like CRY, Save Girl Child, Magic Bus and local regional NGO.
➢ DIVERSITY & CULTURE : Nominated as Diversity Champion and launched various programs encompassing mentoring for women talent, special role identification aligned to culture
➢ HR AUTOMATION: Introduction and Implementation of Digitalization for all processes. Creating awareness on various initiatives via digital media for employees and market. Leveraged cloud server for ease of access to various data and e-learning modules
➢ TALENT ACQUISITION: Managed comprehensive and successful man-power planning, with strategic functional profiling, sensitivity and branch networking (branch selection, allocation, decor and design) to ensure it is in line with company’s culture while applying automated tools where applicable.
➢ EMPLOYER BRANDING: Identifying key differentiators that sets the company apart from competitors; leveraging candidate-facing communications to convey the corporate culture and employee experience. Developing employee value proposition.