Ashish Vidyarthi

National Award-Winning Actor, and Founder - Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates

A National award winning actor, he has worked in over 200 films in 11 languages over his 26 year career.
He is the founder of Ashish Vidyarthi And Associates through which he and his team have been engaging in Leadership Conversations with Corporates through Avid Miner Transformation Modules. Over 100 organisations in India and abroad, have been contributed to, by Ashish Vidyarthi And Associates.

His assimilated life experiences of working across cultures and scenarios are woven into jargon-free, easy to comprehend and application-friendly conversations. Each curated into experiential learning programmes to match the needs of the organisations.
Some of the notable organisations which have used his services are Wipro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bayer, Dell, Accenture, HSBC, Bosch, Titan & CEAT.

He specializes in Ignite conversations meant to, as the name suggests, Ignite people’s minds into action.

A traveler, a writer, a communicator & an actor too, Ashish believes that each one of us has many roles to explore and ability to fulfil multiple dreams.