Amit Ramani

Founder & CEO, Awfis

Amit Ramani is the founder and CEO of India’s largest coworking network in India, Awfis. An experienced veteran in areas of real estate, strategic planning, business process improvement, workplace management as well as design, Amit is also a frequent speaker in several national and international industry forums and panels.

He is a thought leader, strategic thinker, and an entrepreneurial force to reckon with in India. As a first-generation entrepreneur, his success story is inspirational and serves as a motivation for many budding Startup founders in India. Amit’s journey towards building Awfis has been widely covered by Indian media over the past 5 years.

Amit’s dream of offering productive and professional work environments for teams of all sizes led to the creation of Awfis.

Awfis is India’s largest flex workspace provider with 75 centres spread across 12 major cities in India. Built to the highest standards, the coworking solution offers state of the art facilities, premium infrastructure, personnel, assistance, and technology at all their centres, across the country.