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EduSports, India’s largest and most awarded school sports company works with 400 schools across 3 countries, 85 cities and helps 300,000 children get healthier, fitter & smarter through its in-school, age-appropriate and inclusive PE & sports program.

The EduSports program helps children with increased level of health and fitness, increased classroom focus and concentration level and also decreased stress and anxiety level.

EduSports has been awarded as 'Best Product to Promote Health and Fitness in the Classroom' in GESS Education Awards 2014 (Dubai) along with other awards and recognitions.

EduSports has been empanelled by CBSE as an authorized training partner for PEC Program. EduSports in partnership with Haryana government, NSQF & MHRD, GoI has been conducting a vocational course in Physical Education & Sports in 37 Haryana government schools.
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