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The Economic Times Best Realty Brands 2021

Having successfully covered brand stories in specific sectors such as BFSI, Education, Healthcare, FMCG, Technology, Lifestyle and Luxury, Entrepreneurs, and many more, The Economic Times now looks to unveil the most comprehensive study of leading brands in the space of “REALTY” by launching this coveted book will feature brands that have shown constant innovation and relatability, based on their values, style of operation here, and the kind of influence they have on Indian consumers. Remember, as the market gets more seasoned, it is only the select few brands that will weather the tide. This curation aspires to put on the map, celebrate, and immortalize brands that have enriched Indian society through their tireless contribution

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The Economic Times Best Realty Brands 2021 aims at celebrating the success of the Real Estate Market and its sub segments, to n the map, celebrate and immortalize brands for the year 2021
Housing Realty Brand
  • Best Residential Realty Brand 2021
  • Best Affordable Housing Realty Brand 2021
  • Best Residential Sustainable Realty Brand 2021
Retail & Commercial Realty Brand
  • Best Commercial Realty Brand 2021
  • Best Industrial Realty Brand 2021
  • Best Plant & Warehousing Realty Brand 2021
  • Best Institutional Realty Brand 2021
Best Realty Leaders
  • Best Housing Developer 2021
  • Best Retail & Commercial Developer 2021
  • Best Ontime Delivery Realty Developer 2021

The Economic Times Best Realty Brands 2021

Acting as the change agent, it is Economic Times constant endeavour to address to the issues and matters of importance that are determinants to the growth of our nation. Economic Times, through its various industry led initiatives, has been promoting the transformation India is witnessing at its every nook and corner and so ET announces The Economic Times Best Realty Brands 2021 to showcase the growth the sector witnessed, challenges faced and how it overcame the challenges and what will determine the growth rate of the sector in years to come? In this edition, we will take stock of the situation, analyse the past and draw the future. The half day summit will discuss all major aspects that needs immediate attention and bring forth the hidden opportunities.

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