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Real Estate is one of the most promising sectors in today's booming Indian economy. Realty is no longer a basic necessity but an important investment decision today. The user who was previously guided by utilitarian needs, today considers varied parameters before making an informed choice. Understandably, one of the most crucial factors a consumer considers is the Brand. The Brand in Real Estate, like all other industries, is the strongest symbol of trust, quality, exclusivity, status and carries forth a semblance of a good investment. It is also an indicator of the goodwill in the market and readiness of buyers to invest in the brand. Clearly, the value of the brand in the present global and consumer context cannot be undermined.

The Real Estate sector recognizes the importance of brand building and its direct correlation with the buying decision of consumers and therefore, leading Real Estate players consistently engage in branding & marketing activities. However, only a few have been able to make a mark and set themselves a league apart. Here in the brand book we try to ascertain what sets these brands apart? What creates a niche identity in the mind of consumers and what ensures recall value? What are the latest innovations that have left a lasting imprint on consumers mind? What makes leading brands the best brands and vice versa.


The Economic Times conducted an extensive survey with IPSOS and shortlisted 240 top brands after considering parameters of quality of construction, amenities provided, spacious designs, resell value and more. These results have been collated in this Brand Book which will be launched during the ET Best Realty Brands initiative.
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