CTB Questionnaire

Last day of submission is 10th October 2021

  • Please state your core leadership principle within 6-7 words. For example, “Go the way, to show the way”.
  • Please tell us about the beginning of your entrepreneurial dream – what triggered it and how did you pave the way to achieve your goals. (100 words)
  • Please tell us about your notable achievements, breakthrough moments and key decisions that propelled your growth and success. (100 words)
  • Please share how you changed your entrepreneurial strategy in the aftermath of the pandemic and won over the odds. (100 words)
  • As the uncertainties continue, and we navigate from the new normal to the next normal - what are your innovation plans for the future? (100 words)
  • As an entrepreneur who do you look up to, believe in and follow?
  • Share with us the name of your most favourite book or OTT series
  • 1 high resolution vertical image of the CEO in JPEG/TIFF format
    Accepted file types: jpg, tiff, jpge, Max. file size: 1 GB.
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  • (company handle)
  • (company handle)
  • (company handle)
  • (company handle)