Survival of the fittest has been the battle from the inception of the universe. Humans have developed this instinct of competition where the need of wanting to be better than the other has always been the epicenter. Over the years with development, education and technology entering our lives people have become systematic and smarter along with becoming work centric.

Communities have always looked at business as not a good career option and treated professional or service jobs as supreme. However, this line of profession requires a lot of self-drive, belief, innovation, and strategy put to place to yield the write returns.

India & Entrepreneurs:

India today generates entrepreneurs from all communities, whether first generation entrepreneurs from non-business communities or next generation members from traditional family businesses. Truly a remarkable feat achieved in less than 3 decades! Today’s ‘new economy ‘entrepreneurs and their ventures differ from the ‘old economy’ entrepreneurs and their businesses in several respects. New age India today is witnessing dawn of many startups. These start ups work on strategy, road maps, milestones and thorough vision and mission for the business.

Among Indians, the sense of succeeding is deep rooted and that’s the reason we as Indians are doing great works in almost all fields and ambitiously marching towards being a global force and an economic superpower. Of all the success stories we have heard of, probably the most enthralling ones are those where the aspiring minds are
marking their footprints on this world to be unforgettable. They are driving to be on the top of the national economy is what is inspirational. We take the opportunity to bring to your inspirational journeys of such young entrepreneurs’ in our 3rd edition for “ET Promising Entrepreneurs of India 2020”.

ET Promising Entrepreneurs Coffee Table Book 2020:

This book will present stories of India’s emerging entrepreneurs and their inspirational journey. The book will deep dive into what has made these names, what has made them stand out, and what are they doing as an ongoing process to live up to the status of promising entrepreneurs of India. A motivating book that will inspire you and help you realize that it’s neither too late nor too early to pursue your dreams to own a business and make a difference.