"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." – Albert Einstein

The Indian education sector is on the cusp of a new dawn. With enhanced focus on improving quality of education through the National Education Policy, increased budgetary outlay and opening doors to foreign universities, there is a lot on offer in this sector.

As a civilization which has been the cradle of gaining and dissemination of knowledge since times immemorial, India offers a unique opportunity to top players to establish themselves as leaders in the sphere of education. With an estimated $225 billion of market value by 2025 (according to an IBEF Report), the Indian education sector holds a promising future, rightly aided by the country’s demographic dividend.

The education system has undergone a massive shift in the recent years. Conventional learning methods are being aided with blended and hybrid learning methods to impart quality education to the upcoming generation.

Teaching pedagogy has also seen a considerable improvement. Despite all this progress, there is a long way to go to fulfill the qualitative and quantitative aspects of our education system.

With an increased focus on holistic development of the upcoming generation, an infrastructural push, both physical and digital, coupled with the integration of sports and extracurricular activities is key to attain the goal of a Saakshar Bharat.

Who will attend?

  • Regulatory boards
  • State government bodies and state schools
  • Administrative Heads/ Decision makers of universities
  • Schools (Govt & Private)
  • Edtech firms
  • Educational product Manufacturers
  • Coaching Centres
  • Higher Educational Institutions (Public & Private)
  • Ministry of Education
  • Policy makers