CTB Questions

  • Give us a quick rundown of your brand's vision and objective. (150 words)
  • Give us a rundown of the company's history? Can you tell us about the formative years of the company? (150 words)
  • Can you give any light on the important innovations that have been adopted to suit future demands? What is your institution doing to prepare students for the new world by training and educating them? (150 words)
  • Which key initiatives have you undertaken to transform education? (100 words)
  • Can you share some case studies in which your brand has created an impact on the future of education? (100 words)
  • How does your institution train and reskill your teachers and educators to bring them up to speed with latest developments, student and job requirements? (100 words)
  • Accepted file types: 6, Max. file size: 1 GB.
    5-6 hi-res brand images with resolution of 300 dpi in JPEG/TIFF format. This could be some kind of marketing collateral, office images, or brand promotional material. Also include an image of the Leader for the Leader’s Think-tank
  • Accepted file types: 3, Max. file size: 500 MB.
    (Hi-Res logo in EPS/AI format/Coral/PDF/Vector format)

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