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The financial market in India is under major transformation with several policy initiatives to bring more transparency in financial transaction and also efforts to offer the banking services to people in far flung areas. This would help creating positive business sentiments and improved consumer confidence to prop-up the country's economic growth wherein the India's banking sector is likely to play a key role in meeting credit needs of various sectors of the economy.

In this context, the advancements in technology is going to play a major role such as banking services through mobile and interest modes. Encouraged by the Prime Minister vision of Digital India, the banking sector is laying greater emphasis on providing improved services to their clients and also upgrading their technology infrastructure, in order to enhance the customer's overall experience as well as give banks a competitive edge.

It is also a fact that Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has rolled out certain innovative banking models like small finance banks. The central bank granted in-principle approval to 10 small finance banks in FY 2015-16. With many more in FY17, RBI's new measure may go a long way in helping the restructuring of the domestic banking industry. The new entrants will intensify competition, particularly in the hinterland of India with new products, technology and higher rates to woo depositors and lower rates to sell loans. Small finance banks will help in bringing the unbanked population under banking gamut, thereby supporting and encouraging the financial inclusion agenda of the Government. These banks will be less dependent on cash and more on digital technology, enabling them to cover people from the hinterland areas deprived from banking services till now.

The Economic Times Best BFSI Brand Initiative

The commercial banking industry has undergone significant change in the past years. “Today, large commercial banks operate in a far more dynamic marketplace. The cost of funds fluctuates rapidly and there is increased competition from both inside and outside the traditional banking industry. With growing competitiveness in the banking industry, and similarity of services offered by banks, it has become increasingly important that banks identify the factors that determine the basis upon which customers choose between providers of financial services.

The Economic Times takes this opportunity to acknowledge the top performing companies in the BFSI sector, who despite the multiple challenges like policy and structural changes and slowed global economic growth, have stood up to the test of time and are creating a paradigm for others to get inspired from.

The 2nd Edition of the Best BFSI Brands coffee table book presents the bright spots in the BFSI domain, analyzing their performance on the basis of market capitalization, diversity of offerings and Brand Recall. The leading companies are shortlisted and made to go through a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the overall performance of the company, before they finally make it to the list.

Join us, to understand how these companies are revamping and reshaping the Indian BFSI industry and bringing it at par with global standards to concrete India’s position as one of the fastest growing economies, BFSI being at the crux and heart of this story.
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