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16th June 2016 - Taj palace | New Delhi

The Economic Times Best BFSI Brand Initiative

Thus while we step into an era where every business wants to be a part of the ‘Great Indian Success Story’, it is only right that we acknowledge individuals and organizations from the BFSI industry whose vision and continued efforts are helping shape the eco-system into one of the most enviable in the world. The Best Brand Initiative of The Economic Times commenced in the year 2014 and was backed by thorough research and study conducted through a detailed market research. It has had successful editions in the past two years. Therefore, building on the success of ET Best Brands, ET Promising Brands, ET Best Realty Brands, and ET Best Corporate Brands, The Economic Times takes pleasure in announcing an edition of the Best BFSI Brands to honor such brands from the industry for their exemplary initiatives, practices and innovations across the banking and financial services, and the insurance sector. read more
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