Coffee Table Book

As we reflect to honour Women’s Day, we are happy to announce the third edition of The Economic Times Best Organizations for Women, which will spotlight and honour businesses that have shown a commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in corporate India. The conclave will also acknowledge, celebrate and eulogize organizations that foster the best workplace culture for women, empower female employees and are committed to create a gender-equal workplace.

The event will highlight the accomplishments of businesses that have infused organisations with a sense of fairness that is built on equity, impartiality, and non-discrimination. It will also feature companies that have provided a growth atmosphere, with equitable training and development opportunities for women, to upskill, and improve their representation across the C-Suite.

The occasion will also be marked by the launch of the 3rd Edition of The Economic Times Best Organisations for Women Coffee Table Book. In this book, we study the very genetic fiber of these organisations. How have they set benchmark by empowering women colleagues &making them an integral part of their workforce? What are the ways in which they are allowing women to work creatively? What are their DEI practices? What makes these companies… Best Organisations for Women?