Coffee Table Book

As working women navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we take this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate organisations whose contributions have been invaluable in creating outstanding work environment for women to help them thrive.

The 2nd edition of the coffee table book will feature companies that have stepped forward to make a difference and have successfully created a new benchmark by empowering women colleagues, making them an integral part of their workforce. Allowing women to work creatively and promoting innovative ideas that helps in the growth of organisations. The shortlisted companies have been assessed on various parameters such as equality, inclusion, diversity and values.

What companies have done so far for professional development of women?

  • Bringing in more women in leadership roles to ensure equal representation
  • Creating inclusive culture for women to feel more engaged and productive
  • Flexible working options to help maintain work-life balance
  • Providing a combination of professional and personal assistance
  • Offering development opportunities along with forming a culture of diversity
  • Celebrating their strengths and achievements

The event will also detail success stories of companies that have helped their women employees grow in a variety of ways by providing employment stability, caring for emotional and mental well-being, providing leadership roles and more. This list aims to honor, recognize, and laud companies who have set the bar high when it comes to improving their work culture for women.