15:45 – 15:55 Registration
15:55 – 16:00 Silent Period + Final Countdown
16:00 – 16:05 Welcome Address
16:05 – 16:25 Keynote Address: Emerging Back, Emerging Stronger from a Slowdown!
  India is transitioning from a reformative, disruptive phase to a new normal, a new order. The Infra landscape and progress has changed in the last few months. The escalation of COVID-19 pandemic is expected to impact the Indian economy severely in the short to medium term. One of the key sectors likely to be affected is infrastructure, given its importance in supporting the overall growth and development of India’s economy. The session will dig into the key questions, mistakes made, lessons learnt and Preparations for future to revive the sector & ensure that the economic engine of construction continues to drive India's growth:
  • What have been the recent successes in infrastructure development?
  • What are the challenges in the way of faster development?
  • What has been the impact of Covid-19 on projects & what next?
  • What steps are being taken or are under consideration?
  • What can the industry expect going forward?

16:30 – 17:20

Panel Discussion: Navigating Indian Infrastructure during Crisis Times and How to Get Ready for the Post Covid World!


COVID-19 is a once in a lifetime threat to people across the planet. Its impact and repercussions will be felt by everyone changing the way the world works and lives. The discussion among key stakeholders and facilitators will bring perspectives on successes and failures, key learnings and recommendations and the way forward for infrastructure delivery in the post COVID world:
  • Financial sustainability is paramount.
  • Asset Monetization Strategies.
  • Technology to transform infrastructure service delivery.
  • Revisiting the new normal in pricing and returns expectations.
  • Strengthened deal pipeline for diversified portfolios to drive the market
17:25 – 17:45 Keynote: India’s National Infrastructure Pipeline: Challenges and Opportunities- Pre, During & Post Covid!
  India's Infrastructure industry has been weathering a storm in the last months, with no clear sign of when things will return to   business-as-usual. The pandemic has also ignited a debate on how long the infrastructure downturn will last and government’s efforts regarding the same. The session will aim to search answers to the many questions and challenges that have arisen in regard to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both existing and new infrastructure projects.
17:45 - 18:05 Special Address: Infrastructure Investments, Economy & Covid-19
18:10 – 18:15 Unveiling of The Economic Times Best Infrastructure Brands of 2021 Coffee Table Book
18:15 – 19:00 Felicitations through brand custodian’s winner videos
19:00 - 19:05 Closing Remarks