Coffee Table Book

CTB Questionnaire

  • A. Body copy (Max 600-700 words)
  • Can you give us a concise description of what inspired your company to venture into such a noble endeavour? What factors influenced your decision to create a line of products and services in healthcare? (100 words)
  • What are the primary strategies that have allowed your company to grow to its current market leadership position? Could you provide any examples? (100 words)
  • Which markets have you captured in terms of demographic and geographical reach? (100 words)
  • Can you give us a rundown of your company's significant milestones? (50 words)
  • Can you highlight any technological or significant digital innovations that you have undertaken in the recent past? (50 words)
  • In the event of the pandemic, how have you mitigated any event of losses/risks? What are the key decisions that have helped your firm reach its customers? To what extent have your digitised? (100 words)
  • Share a few sentences about what sets your brand apart from the competition and what makes it unique. What makes your company more customer-centric? (100 words)
  • Please give us a quick overview of your company's future plans. (100 words)
  • 5-6 hi-res brand images with resolution of 300 dpi in JPEG/TIFF format. This could be some kind of marketing collateral, office images, or brand promotional material. This has to be about the brand, and cannot be images of co-founders/CEOs/Directors, etc.
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    Max. file size: 1 GB, Max. files: 6.
    • Hi-Res logo in EPS/AI format/Coral/PDF/Vector format
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      Max. file size: 1 GB, Max. files: 3.