15:45 - 16:00 Registration
16:00 - 16:05 Opening Remarks by ET Edge
16:10 - 16:25

Keynote Address 1: Enhancing Operational Excellency, Minimizing Costs and Focus on Customer Experience – The Mantra for 2021

Dr Harish Pillai, Chief Executive Officer, Aster India - Aster DM Healthcare

16:30 - 16:45

Keynote Address 2: A New Role for Brand in Healthcare

Sanjaya Mariwala, Executive Chairman and Managing Director OmniActive Health Technologies

16:50 - 17:20

Fireside Chat: Invest in Digitization & Technology – The Antidote for India's Healthcare Woes

As the global healthcare system combats with the myriad complexities associated with the pandemic Coronavirus, digital health technologies and services are gradually emerging as potential solutions to a number of these challenges. On the one hand, India’s economy is among the top 5 economics in the world with aspirations to be in the top-three club by 2025. On the other, its healthcare systems perform poorly on multiple dimensions, with the country ranking 145 among 195 countries on the healthcare Access and Quality Index. No doubt, the need of the hour is a robust and forward-looking digital healthcare system to maximise health outcomes or achieve the goal of “health for all”.

• Digital for rapid crisis management capabilities such as mobile health, health and wellness applications, Big Data, telehealth, diagnostics, medical imaging and personal genomics
• Combating limited access, inadequate capacity, poor quality care, and limited affordability for the less affluent population with the help of digital technology
• Achieving operational excellence and cost minimization
• Reduce manual errors and ensuring patient safety
• Better Doctor-Patient Coordination
• Automating administrative tasks

Rajiv Sikka, CIO, Medanta - The Medicity
Arvind Sivaramakrishnan, Group CIO, Apollo Hospitals
Moderator: Pawan Desai, Co-founder & CEO - MitKat Advisory Services

17:25 - 18:10

Panel Discussion: The Evolving World of Pharma & Healthcare Marketing

With the way India’s economic, political and social changes is occurring in this progressive era, the context in which the healthcare and pharma operates is changing dramatically with huge implications for the industry. The industry has traditionally relied on aggressive marketing to promote its products and services. Much of the increase in marketing spends have been focused on the expansion of the sales force, however, many of the industry’s biggest markets are now saturated and traditional selling techniques are becoming increasingly ineffective. Hence the need of the hour is to implement new codes of practice that yield better results for every penny spent. But, breaking the ice is not a easy task in this market and will it be an advantage or disadvantage for the first one to move is what we need to find out..

• Building brands but in a more personalised way
• Analytics and automation for more focused and data driven initiatives
• Digitation for effective patient communication
• How far is telehealth successful in India?
• Can insurance play a pivotal role in cost-effective healthcare
• Shift in customer experience due to COVID

Atul Suri, Vice President & SBU Head, Alembic Pharmaceuticals
Dr.(Lt.Gen.Retd.)M.Ganguly, VSM, CEO,The B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital
Richard Roy Mendonce, AVP - Head Digital Strategy, Yashoda Hospitals Group
Sapna Desai, Head - Marketing and Online Sales, ManipalCigna Health Insurance
Sumanta Ray, CMO, Narayana Health
Moderator: Prof. Dharmendra Sharma, Academician & Business Consultant

18:15 - 18:25

Special Address

Kavea R Chavali

18:25 - 18:30 Launch of The Economic Times Best Healthcare Brands
18:30 - 19:30 Felicitation Ceremony
19:30 Closing Remarks