The world has dramatically changed over the last few months, with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus which has completely reshaped everything, impacting our lives in more ways than anyone could have imagined. Between the colossal efforts to quarantine and contain the spread of disease, the almost nationwide shutdown had brought setback to sectors like shipping, travel, supply chain, clothing, tourism, luxury and more. With the economy now opening, these activities have started to grow but with a very different approach.

With growing economy, the expectations of the individuals have started increasing and each one of us is evolving every day to fight out the complexities and work in this diverse country. From all industries like manufacturing, retail, transport, beauty, construction and more we all are trying to make our presence back and business models sustainable.

Brands being the guiding light in a market full of products, are also trying to sail through the Corona virus crisis and emerge out stronger than before. Talking specifically about Indian Brands who have been able to make strong connection with the consumers and have come a long way with the perspective of price and value for money are acting nimble and RETHINKING the marketing strategies to make them more relevant.

3rd Edition of The Economic Times Best Iconic Brands of India and Inaugural Edition of ET Emerging Consumer Brands 2020

Taking the crisis as the new reality, Brands across nations are trying to chalk out a thoughtful navigation to add value to the consumer’s lives. Many brands have started working in shaping up their strategies and standing up to consumers expectations. In the race to adapt to new normal and changing landscape, brands are improving on certain approaches like human centric messaging, more value added than profit earning, data driven, relationship with influencers and rethinking targets.

With the endeavour that aims to continue highlighting the journey of brands that has achieved iconicity and maintained the same over the decades the 3rd Edition of The Economic Times Best Iconic Brands of India and Inaugural Edition of ET Emerging Consumer Brands is planned on 30th June 2020. Brands that command mind awareness, recall success and the benefit of instant association, even among consumers who do not frequently buy their products, or are not even a part of the target audience.

The Economic Times Best Iconic Brands of India and ET Emerging Consumer Brands of India Coffee Table Book

The Economic Times takes this opportunity to acknowledge, celebrate and eulogize Iconic Indian brands that have not just succeeded in being at par with global brands but have also international brands on the edge.

It is a proud moment as we announce the launch of the “3rd Edition of the coffee table book “Best Iconic Brands of India 2020” and “Inaugural Edition of ET Consumer Brands of India 2020”, which will feature successful brand stories and also outline the DNA of these legendary and upcoming brands, taking a deep dive into what has made these brands stand out and what are they doing as an ongoing process to live up to the iconic status and consumer demands. It will feature success stories from indigenous brands that have set an example to the world and will provide much needed inspiration for brand owners and custodians to take their story forward.

Criteria for Consideration as Iconic and Consumer Brands of India

  • The brand should have originated in India

  • Substantial publicly available data about the Brand

  • Brand awareness plays a significant role in consumer’s purchase decision

  • Positive economic profits associated with the Brand