Social Entrepreneur

Pabiben was born in Kukadsar village of Mundra taluka in Kutch. She could not attend school, as her mother Tejuben, a young widow, needed help with raising three girls. The eldest, she helped care for her sisters. She learned the famed embroidery of her community, but before she could complete her own dowry, the elder council of the community banned its use completely, because they believed women spend too much time on embroidery, leading to late marriages. Rabari women searched for a way to solve their design problem: how to remain decorative without breaking the community rules. She invented a new art form called “Hari Jari” and later it is known as “Pabi Jari”.

She belongs to Kutch region of Gujarat, and Kutch is a celebrated for its art, crafts, music, dance and people. She is one of those, who are the real brand ambassadors and represent the colourful Kutch. She, A Vibrant Rabari lady, struggled in her childhood and got famous in her younger age. She dared to start first Women Artisan brand “

She has become an inspiration and an idol to many in her community. is first successful women artisan brand which aspire to help women become independent and empower themselves to shape their own future, and those of their families and future generations. It aims to help women create their identity with the help of their artistic talent.