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Technology across the world over has become a significant disruptive force across all sectors. In a similar light the impact of mobile Apps on the education industry has been deep.

Rubix 108 Technologies benchmarks innovation and automation. The end- user experience has been a critical driving force in making the Rubix Apps more robust and versatile.

Rubix Apps, provide a suite of features that effectively integrates into the educational ecosystem. It nurtures collaboration between School, Teachers and Parents in the most effective manner while augmenting the brand value and productivity of the institute.

The compelling value proposition of Rubix108 Technologies will help institutes achieve their specific academic, administrative and business goals which can include but are not limited to expanding market reach, collaborating more efficiently, augmenting growth and productivity, growing social bandwidth and most importantly touching upon the emotions quotient of Parents.

People have always been our pride! Our competent and qualified team continues to explore the unlimited possibilities of the platform to deliver quality services, cost saving solutions and quick turnaround time.

Our core objective is to empower Parents through meaningful engagement, thereby, enriching the life of the student!
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