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India has the second largest population in the world with majority of them growing up in the K-12 age group. Around 47 million people are expected to enter the K-12 group by 2020. While the government has been spearheading the national education development since decades, the quality, infrastructure and educational demands have increased over time, thus placing huge stress on the infrastructure and capacity, and widening the gap between demand and supply.

Over the years, the Indian education system has come a long way with the education institutes seeing rapid growth and constant progress. Today, a child’s attributes and capabilities are given more importance. Thus, whether it is the teaching styles or improving the syllabus of the schools, the administration boards have been opting for dynamic processes. Also, with the introduction of technology, the education in India has gone to the next level and has given birth to new modes of education.

Schools today are interested in creating individuals rather than just educating a bunch of students. Individual attention is one key factor in the education system that has helped students develop learning and understanding capabilities on their own. With K-12, we have more teacher-student harmony, and more self-reliable and independent individuals who are competent to make a positive impact on not just the school but the society as well.

K-12 initiatives undertaken by the Government:
  • Right to free and compulsory education bill
  • Private Public Partnership
  • Midday Meal Schemes
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Trends in the Education Sector – K-12
  • Emergence of new operating model
  • Foreign partnerships
  • Hybrid Teaching Methodology
  • CBSE going global

The Economic Times – BUILDING FUTURE

The Economic Times has always believed that education is a key factor for nation building. With right knowledge and skills provided to the youth, we can ensure overall national progress and economic growth. Schools play an important role in building the students and making them ready towards contributing towards the nation. These schools, with their strong performance, have created a place in the international markets inviting foreign students to come and study in India.

Given this scenario we, at the Economic Times, aim to bring the leading schools of the K-12 category under one platform at the Economic Times Best School Brands 2016. This summit will also see leading schools (K-12) being recognised for their immense credibility of giving the nation great individual leaders.
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