10th February 2017 | Mumbai
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Premium BRANDS 2017
Looking at the vast potential India poses as a luxury goods market & observing the continuous steep of premium consumers in India, Marketers are indulging in varied strategies to woo the uber rich class by providing seamless customer experiences that foster brand loyalty. The Economic Times with its Premium Brands initiative plans to unravel the pull that draws High Networth Individuals to a luxury brand & various strategies & digital integration todays marketers need to use to provide their clients exclusivity & customisation.
The Premium in India
The Indian Luxury Market is booming year on year due to the changing demographic profile of the consumers & a better economy. This aspirational trend has put India on a global radar where most International Premium brands are ready to storm the market with their latest & authentic offerings who mean serious business when it comes to serving the Ultra Rich.
India being one of 10 richest countries in the world with total individual wealth of US $5,600 billion has around 2,36,000 high net worth individuals according to a survey done in 2015. It is poised to be a growing market for luxury goods due to some crucial factors like sustainable economy, upgraded purchasing power, enhanced consumer buying behaviour, better education system, brand awareness among the 25-40 year age group, to name a few. Therefore the urban rich consumer base is indulging in luxury brands for both style and status reasons thus creating a niche for themselves.
  • An Exclusive Evening
  • Felicitation of PREMIUM BRANDS
  • India has the FASTEST GROWING number of HNI’s in the world
  • Indian LUXURY MARKET is expected to cross $18.3 BILLION by 2016
  • Luxury market is currently at 14.7 BILLION & growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 25%.
  • Global consumer spending is expected to reach $ 40 TRILLION by 2020 with an unprecedented growth of $ 12 TRILLION in a decade